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The dagesh is conjunctive dagesh, dehik, ate merahik (according to Norzi there are MSS with the dagesh; some without).

See, for example, the word nugot -- Lamentations 1:4. Koren Bible, Snaith -- the nun is without the dagesh; Breuer, Adi Bible  -- with dagesh.

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> Dear all,
> According to context, the word "Qanekha"
> obviously means "your creator" or "your
> owner", and that is how it is understood by most
> commentators and translators. However the Masoretic
> vocalization actually means "your reed" (see Rashi
> for an even more imaginative "your nest").
> "Your creator"/"your owner" should be
> "Qonekha". Does anyone have an explanation for the
> Masoretic vocalization? And, as long as we're on the
> subject, why there is a dagesh in the Qoph?
> Wishing y'all a Shanah Tovah and Gemar Hatimah Tovah,
> Yigal Levin

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