[b-hebrew] Genesis Chronology

Bruce Prince bruceprince at bigpond.com
Mon Oct 6 01:11:01 EDT 2008

Gary Hedrick wrote:
> And yes, I agree with Ron that Jim's posts are often long and rambling, 
> and perhaps a bit eccentric, but they do deal with grammar so I suppose 
> they're "legal." Maybe he's writing a book or something. That's what the 
> "delete" key is for.

I joined this list to learn from people who know more about Biblical Hebrew
than I, and I must say, I have benefitted greatly from the many interesting
discussions that have taken place over the past few years. I personally have
no objection to Jim's "long and rambling" posts; on the contrary, I've found
them interesting. I also have the choice to read, study, or skim any posts,
and as Gary states, there is always the delete key for anything that doesn't
interest me.

Jim, please keep posting, and any others who may feel a little discouraged
at times.


Bruce Prince

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