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	My son and I have spent time in Egypt, particularly in the Valley of
the Kings, and it's well known that the pharaohs were famous for excising
embarrassing or unpleasant episodes from their history (particularly rival
pharaohs who preceded them). Today we can see places where they simply
"erased" records (by rubbing or sanding them) that had been carved into
temple walls and other edifices. So I really think it's ill-advised to
discount the accuracy of the biblical Hebrew text simply because there are
no confirming Egyptian records about the Exodus.
	I wish we could pursue this, but it's straying a bit from biblical
Hebrew and textual issues. So I'll leave it there. And yes, I agree with Ron
that Jim's posts are often long and rambling, and perhaps a bit eccentric,
but they do deal with grammar so I suppose they're "legal." Maybe he's
writing a book or something. That's what the "delete" key is for.

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I have no idea about what specific dates you have in mind, but when secular
history does not match the Bible, why in the world would a believer in Jesus
Christ opt for secular history?  Why is it that when there is a conflict
with chronolgy, that the knee-jerk reaction of many is to find problems with
the biblical record?  Secular history must be reviewed in light of the
biblical chronoloy if one deems the text to be inspired, inerrant, etc.  Why
would the Egyptians record the most devastating event in all their national
history?  Would they not have great motive to eliminate references to
Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus?  Further, what modern secular historians
believe does not affect the biblical record in any way... "modern
historians" at one time thought the world was flat, "modern science" thought
that scurvy was a virus or a bacteria.  

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