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YHWH (often translated "LORD") is the name of the God of Israel. Jer 23:6 
refers to a future king of Israel and Judah, descended from David (what was 
later called "Messiah"), who will be called "YHWH-our-righteousness". This 
is a compound name of a type very common in Hebrew and in other Semitic 
languages, in which the name of the deity is added to a verb or adjective. 
It is unusual only in that in most such "Yahwistic" names, the Tetragramaton 
is usually abbreviated to Yah, Yo, Yeho and the like. In this case, I think 
that Jeremiah intended it as a jibe at the reigning king, whose name was 
Zedekiah ("Righteous-Yah") and who was anything but.

Yigal Levin

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> OK , is the letters YHWH , as in Jer 23:6 the name of the Messiah .
> doug Belot
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