[b-hebrew] Dawidh / Bath-sheva / Uriyah

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Dear Yohanan,

While this is an intersting and much-discussed question, I fail to see how 
linguistics can provide an answer. The "facts" as the text presents them, 
are fairly clear: David ordered Joab to make sure that Uriah was killed in 
battle. Whether this is to be considered murder, and whether David received 
his just deserts for the deed, is a question of values, law, faith; anything 
but linguistics.

Yigal Levin

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> Dear All,
> On another forum I am on, we are having a linguistic discussion on 
> whether,
> or not Dawidh was guilty of murder in regards to Uriyah, because some of
> think that he is not, and others think that he is, and I was wondering
> linguistically what opinions others have here? I adhere to the idea that
> Dawidh was not punished by YHWH for murder, but merely his committing
> adultery, as do a few others, but then there are those who hold that he 
> was
> punished for the murder of Uriyah, but do not think he was rightfully
> punished, but think that YHWH should have put Dawidh to death for his
> actions.
> Yo*h*anan bin-Dawidh
> Haslet, Texas
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