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Jim Stineheart wrote:

I have found nothing in secular history to back up the account of the Exodus 
that is set forth in the Book of Exodus.  We have voluminous Egyptian records 
from all the relevant time periods, but nothing similar to the Exodus of 
Hebrews recounted in the Book of Exodus.  Virtually no modern secular historians 
believe that anything like the Exodus reported in the Book of Exodus occurred.  
By sharp contrast, everything we know about the Late Bronze Age appears to 
match, in my opinion, what is said in the Patriarchal narratives.  What I am 
trying to do is to show that if we look at the Patriarchal narratives on their own 
terms, instead of through the lens of the Book of Exodus, the text of the 
Patriarchal narratives matches beautifully with what we know happened in the Late 
Bronze Age.
I have not idea about what specific dates you have in mind, but when secular history does not match the Bible, why in the world would a believer in Jesus Christ opt for secular history?  Why is it that when there is a conflict with chronolgy, that the knee-jerk reaction of many is to find problems with the biblical record?  Secular history must be reviewed in light of the biblical chronoloy if one deems the text to be inspired, inerrant, etc.  Why would the Egyptians record the most devastating event in all their national history?  Would they not have great motive to eliminate references to Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus?  Further, what modern secular historians believe does not affect the biblical record in any way... "modern historians" at one time thought the world was flat, "modern science" thought that scurvy was a virus or a bacteria.  

I will take my chances with the inerrant, inspired text.

FWIW, I have a biblical chronology, available in Bibleworks timeline format, which starts with the anchor date of 966-965 for the fourth year of Solomon's reign.  Places the Exodus in 1446-1445 BC, Abraham's dates are 1950-1775 BC.  Rather you agree or disagree, I firmly believe that these dates are demonstrable from the biblical texts.

Futher, Donovan Courville has pretty well demonstrated that alternate views of the accepted Egyptian chronology have some problems of their own.  In the Exodus Problem and its Ramifications, he provides a view that very much corresponds with biblical chronology, and places the Exodus in the short-lived 13th Dynasty, under Pharoah Koncharis.

I agree with the previous post that indicated that Jim's posts are long, convoluted at times, and seem to be advancing some unstated agenda.  If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, discussion of any biblical text or doctrine is somewhat of a waste of time.  I Cor. 2:14.

Ron Snider
Makarios Bible Church,
Sarasota, FL

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