[b-hebrew] b-hebrew Digest, Vol 71, Issue 21

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 28 00:01:46 EST 2008

> From: Daniel Rodriguez
> Steve,
> I use the biblical Qumran module on Accordance.
> Its not just that the BHS has a defective holem and the DSS does not. Its
> that the BHS has only one defective holem amidst full spellings with holem
> vav. Why the short spelling only once?
> daniel
> _______________________________________________
[Steve Miller] Thanks Daniel.
Yes, I knew that what I said wasn't much of an answer to your question. That
was about all I knew related to your question. I really only replied to ask
how to see the DSS Psalms in Hebrew, which you answered.

Since you have access to the DSS Hebrew text, could you search for le-olam
with the defective holem and tell me how many occurrences there are? I
expect there would be very few. Thanks.

Here's a couple other related things that I thought of:

If you compare 2 Sam 22 to Psalm 18, there are 21 defective holems in 2 Sam
22 which are full holems in Ps 18, none of which are in vv 26-34.
There are only 3 defective holems in Ps 18 which are full holems in 2 Sam
22, all of them in vv 26 - 34. 
I had made a letter to letter comparison of the Hebrew of Ps 18 to 2 Sam 22
at www.voiceinwilderness.info -> Psalms -> Psalm 18 -> click here to open in
a new window

There are 19 le-olam's with defective holem in BHS compared with 155 lolam's
with full holem. 
There are 18 le-olam's with defective holem in Allepo. The only one missing
is Ps 136:3.

-Steve Miller

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