[b-hebrew] olam in Ps 136.3

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 26 22:07:05 EST 2008

> From: Daniel Rodriguez
> I'm curious to know what the B-Hebrew listers may have to say about a
> particular spelling in the BHS.
> The refrain of Ps 136 is ki le-olam chasdo. In v1-2, and v4-forward olam
> is spelled with the so-called full spelling with the presence of holem
> vav. However, v3 of the BHS text has the so-called defective spelling of
> olam. Why is this? Is this representation of the Lenningrad codex (all the
> online versions I find are broken)? If so, why is it like that. Aleppo and
> DSS both have the full spelling uniformly through the psalm. Any ideas?
> thanks,
> daniel
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[Steve Miller] Daniel,
Where are you able to see the Hebrew text of the DSS Great Psalms Scroll?
It is common for a word written with a defective holem (holem without a vav)
in MT to appear in DSS as a vav.  
-Steve Miller

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