[b-hebrew] What Does "Sodom" Mean?

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On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 3:02 PM, <JimStinehart at aol.com> wrote:

> Karl:
> 1.  You wrote:  "Genesis 12 already mentions possessions (as in cattle) and
> slaves, as they left Haran, before going down to Egypt."
> (a)  The "possessions" are primarily the lapis lazuli that Abraham's father
> Terakh had bought (on behalf of all of Terakh's relatives, not just for
> Terakh'
> s sons) at the wholesale center for buying lapis lazuli in the ancient
> world:
>  Ur.  That is the economic basis for how Abraham and his relatives came out
> of Egypt rich.
> RK$ refers to movable possessions, usually cattle, not trade goods, which
you would have known if you knew Hebrew.

> (b)  The "souls" are not slaves.  Those are Abraham's young male relatives
> who guarded the caravan out to Ur and back.  Abraham and Lot in effect
> inherited those guys when Abraham's father Terakh proved too old and weak
> to make it
> back to Canaan from Harran.
> Elsewhere they are mentioned as slaves, not male relatives. The only male
relative was Lot.

> (c)  There's no way that anyone would drive a herd of cattle from Harran to
> Canaan!  No way.  Let's use some common sense, and go with the actual
> geography, and then you'll see that everything makes perfect sense.
> No problem, if one is not in a hurry. Think of the old western cattle
drives from Texas to Kansas, similar distance.

> 2.  You wrote:  "Genesis 12 mentions that Abraham travelled throughout the
> land unto the Negev, before going to Egypt."
> The text says nothing of the sort.  Rather, it says that Abraham went south
> from Beth-el "by stages" through southern Canaan, before making a beeline
> for
> Egypt.
> The text does not say "by stages" nor "making a beeline" for Egypt. Rather
it indicates that he travelled around and went to the Negev. If you knew
Biblical Hebrew language, you would have known that. But you don't know

> Jim Stinehart
> Evanston, Illinois

You are out of your league, back to making elementary language errors to try
to defend your thesis. If your thesis can't be defended except through
elementary language errors, there's nothing there.

Karl W. Randolph.

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