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> Dear Yigal Levin:
> 1.  You wrote:  "Since Abraham looks over the cities of the plain,
> including
> Sodom, from Hebron, they obviously could not have been in the Jezreel
> Valley.
> This is even true if the Patriarchs' Hebron was in the Ayalon Valley, as
> you
> (wrongly) claim."
> Abraham does not view a destroyed Sodom from Hebron!  No way.  Abraham goes
> back to where he had stood before YHWH, that is, to Beth-el, where Abraham
> had
> stood before YHWH in chapter 13 of Genesis, immediately after Lot chose to
> journey east to the Jordan River.  From a mountaintop just east of Beth-el,
> you
> of all people are very well aware of what can be seen:  (i) the Jordan
> River to
> the east and northeast;  (ii) Mt. Hermon to the far northeast;  and (iii)
> nothing southeast at all, as the high hill country of the city of Hebron
> cuts off
> all view to the south and southeast.

You don't learn, do you?

In Genesis 18 we have the narrative of Abraham standing before YHWH in a
place near Hebron called the Oaks of Mamre, overlooking the place where
Sodom was situated. The next day the narrative has him returning to that
place to see what happened to Sodom. Context indicates that the two times
were at the same place, with no need for Abraham to hike back to Bethel.

We already discussed this.

> Jim Stinehart
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Karl W. Randolph.

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