[b-hebrew] What Does "Sodom" Mean?

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Karl wrote:

> You are making the assumption that the climate and other situations have not
> changed in over three millennia. As has been repeatedly stated in the past,
> that assumption, apart from actual historical records (which, incidentally,
> apart from Genesis, are lacking) is an invalid assumption

Often climatic conditions can be broadly reconstructed from anything which
leaves layered material whether in annual or other regular layers.
Reconstructions of temperature, rainfall, wind conditions, and atmospheric
oscillations have been done off corals, mud varves, ice layers, tree rings,
stalagtites and stalagmites, pollens and probably other things I don't know
about. I know your particular version of science excludes all this but in
the rest of the world this is how its done. As I've said before I've not
studied Middle Eastern climate, but for those interested here's a small
sample of papers I located with less than a minute's work.

Bar-Matthews, M., A. Ayalon, M. Gilmour, A. Matthews, and C.J. Hawkesworth,
2003, Sea-land oxygen isotopic relationships from planktonic foraminifera
and speleothems  in the Eastern Mediterranean region and their implication
for paleorainfall during interglacial intervals,
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 67, 17, pp. 3181-3199, 1 September 2003.

 Bar-Matthews, M., A. Ayalon, and A. Kaufman, 1997, Late Quaternary
Paleoclimate in the Eastern Mediterranean Region from Stable Isotope
Analysis of Speleothems at Soreq Cave, Israel. Quaternary Research, 47, 2,

Bar-Matthews, M., A. Ayalon, A. Kaufman, and G.J. Wasserburg, 1999,
The Eastern Mediterranean paleoclimate as a reflection of regional events:
Soreq cave, Israel. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 166, 1-2, 85.

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