[b-hebrew] What Does "Sodom" Mean?

Vadim Cherny him at vadimcherny.org
Wed Nov 26 13:32:06 EST 2008


without going into your other arguments, place names such as "scorched" 
are in fact very common. I was recently driving, for example, through a 
Russian village named Pogorelovo ("the burned one"), and there are many 
similar examples.

Vadim Cherny

> I do not base my argument on Gesenius’ work.  I specifically said that 
whereas Gesenius sees “Sodom” as meaning “scorched”, no historical city would have 
a name meaning “scorched”.  Gesenius has missed the two more important puns 
here, which tell us that rather than being a fictional city, Sodom for the 
most part represents historical Beth Shan.

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