[b-hebrew] HXL - begin NOT profane

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I can think of several cases where the same word does not have an initial H or Y,
but rather a T.

For example
Genesis 41:54 WTXLYNH $B( $NY HR(B  and the seven years of famine started to come
Judges 13:25 WTXL RUX and the spirit of God started to move him

in fact, the form with an initial T is so common, that in modern Hebrew the T was (mistakenly?)
absorbed into the root, which became TXL.

However, the original root was XWL meaning to occur,
and in the hiphil form to cause to occur, and thus to start.

Yaakov (J) Stein

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Thank you, Yaakov.

But remark that at reading your mail one would think that "to start" is the
only meaning of verb XLL.
Also "to profane" is a meaning of this verb, as in Lv 19:8: XLL, he polluted
or profaned.
Now, perhaps you meant that when occurring with a prefix such as H- or Y-...
then verb XLL means "to start"?

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

>> I looked again and realized the word I am asking about chalal can mean
>> began, profane,  or make common,
> Not likely.
> The word is a very very common one meaning "to start"
> (which in modern Hebrew gains a tav to become HTXL).
> For example :
> Genesis 6:1     - CY HXL H)DM = when man started, not when man profaned
> Genesis 10:8   - HU) HXL = he started to become a hero, not he profaned to
> become a hero
> Genesis 24:12 - BGDL HXL = he started with the greater, not he profaned
> with the greater
> Numbers 17:11 - HXL HNGP = the plague has started, not the plague has
> profaned
> Deut 2:24         - HXL R$ = start inheriting, not profane inheriting
> Judges 10:18    - )$R YXL LHLXM = who will start fighting, not who will
> profane fighting
> Judges 16:22    - WYXL &(R R)$O = his hear began to grow, not profaned to
> grow
> Jonah 3:4          - WYXL YONH = Jonah started, not Jonah profaned
> Chronicles 2 3:1 - WYXL $LMH = Solomon started, not Solomon profaned
> and I could bring dozens more.
> Yaakov (J) Stein
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