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Thu Nov 13 08:01:26 EST 2008

Starting with Genesis 1:12 "its kind" MYNHW, again in Genesis 6:20 and 7:14.
R)H "neighbor" has the -W suffix over 100 times as R(HW. MQNHW is found 8
times. If I looked more, I could probably find many more examples.

Looking up words ending in -HW turns up over 1500 items, most of which are

Incidentally, looking up Y$RTW which was the form I expected to find for the
noun Y$RH, I found the verb $RT for every example.

Karl W. Randolph.

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 9:16 PM, <pporta at oham.net> wrote:

(quoting me)

>> If Y$RH is understood as a noun, there are probably hundreds of examples
>> of
>> nouns ending in a -H that take this form when adding a third person
>> singular
>> male suffix. I should have looked that up sooner.
> ______________
> [PP]
> Dear Karl,
> In my research on Hebrew patterns I found (till now) in the whole Tanakh NO
> sample of a noun ending in a -H that takes suffix -HW when it adds the
> meaning "his/its" (masculine singular).
> Instead the usual ending or suffix for a "his" is -TWO.
> Let us take noun T)WH (Gn 3:6), ambition, desire ---- we would have T)WTWO,
> his desire, not T)WHW.
> And so on...
>  Pere Porta
>>> Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)
>>> Karl W. Randolph.

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