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Bill Rea bill.rea at canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Nov 5 14:58:05 EST 2008

Rev. Bryant wrote:

> See following URL:
> http://ancienthebrewpoetry.typepad.com/ancient_hebrew_poetry/2008/10/the-end-o
> f-minimalism-as-we-know-it.html#more.

And Matthew wrote:-

>Reuters Article:
>   http://uk.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUKTRE49T52A20081030
>ASOR Program Link:
>   http://www.asor.org/AM/academic08PG.html
>Finds from the Site:
>   http://www.elahfortress.com/page18/page13/page13.html
>Jerusalem Post Article: (you may need to cut & paste this link)

Thank you to both of you for posting these. There was an article on the New
York Times web site yesterday but it seems to have moved into their member's
only area. One thing that article did give was more reasonable confidence
intervals on the radio carbon dates. The other articles mostly quote a 25
interval which is equivalent to 987.5BC plus or minus 12.5 years. The NYT
article cited a plus or minus 100 year range giving the range to be between
1100 and 900BC. This seems a much more reasonable range given the
limitations of the method.

A number of those links are long on rhetoric and speculation and short on
evidence. I know journalists and bloggers have to generate copy to stay in
business, but it seems to me we just have to wait for the serious work of
the investigators gets done and published.

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