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Matthew Dent dentm42 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 5 11:52:09 EST 2008

Here's a summary of some of the info I've gathered on the inscription.  It's an exciting find, and there are certainly other interesting and significant finds at the site.

I happen to be the student of a member of the core group digging at the site.  He was the 3rd or 4th person to handle the item after it was discovered to contain writing.  He is also the photographer as well as the record keeper for the dig.

After news of the inscription broke, he presented some info regarding it to our graduate class along with a number of pictures - including some pictures by the museum handling the piece.  Even in the best of those images, done under very controlled circumstances with every effort to bring out detail, seeing the basic shapes of most of the letters was nearly impossible.

No doubt there are other enhanced photographs that have been made that I haven't seen, but from what I have pieced together through that presentation, there is currently no single photograph available that provides the necessary detail to read the inscription easily.  It will likely require various manipulations and composites of several photos to make it readable.

Reuters and the Jerusalem Post report that they have been able to read 3 words - "judge," "slave," and "king" on the piece, so they must be fairly certain of the language used.  It's certainly an interesting trio of words to be found in the 50-100 characters on the piece.

Dr. Garfinkel is presenting at ASOR.  His original presentation is listed under Individual Submissions II (11/20/2008): Yosef Garfinkel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Saar Ganor (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “Is Khirbet Qeiyafa Biblical Azeka?” (15 min.)  - although now that news has broken about the inscription, there's no telling if that will be the presentation or not.

I was told he will be presenting elsewhere, but my notes don't have the information and I wasn't able to find it online.

Reuters Article:
ASOR Program Link:
Finds from the Site:
Jerusalem Post Article: (you may need to cut & paste this link)

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