[b-hebrew] Lo-Ammi

Doug Belot dbelot at bigpond.net.au
Sat Nov 1 17:08:01 EDT 2008

Could you please inform me about the difference between Lo-Ammi , and Lo-Ruhamah , and I am looking at Hos 1:6 , and Hos 1:9 there I see these names , with a footnote  of  "no mercy" for Lo-Ruhamah and for Lo-Ammi , "Not my people"

 Then in Hos 2:1 I see , "say to your brethren "My people" which my NKJ tells me is "Ammi" , no longer Lo-Ammi , and to your sisters , "Mercy is shown"

Hos 2:1   Say to your , 'My people",
              and to your sisters , "Mercy is shown"

There is surely a connection to the previous two groups. Is the removal of the word Lo changing this title to mean a move from rejection to acceptance , and is this then the two groups merged together , who are to tell their mother , firstly Gomer , who I am told is Israel , that she is out , of course from Hos 2:14-20 she is then restored as a bride .

I am not trying to cause a problem ,  I just need to know , I am a christian and I believe that as Paul directed us to read Hos 1:11, which according to him , is what  "God also has previously said" in  Rom 9:24 , and he sends us to Hos 1:11 , but I need to know about the Hos 2:1 characters.

I do hope this is acceptable , 

doug belot

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