[b-hebrew] Niph'al of intransitives

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Sat Mar 29 01:41:02 EDT 2008

In a more general way, maybe the question would be too:

Is any use of the Ni'phal of Intransitive verbs attested in the Bible? I 
mean verbs such as BW), to come; HLK, to go; YRD, to go down and others.

Has anyone on this list made a study of this issue or knows someone who made 
a study of it?

Pere Porta

>> > WNRC unpointed could be from RWC, RCH or RCC, and it is the context 
>> > that
>> > gives us the clues which to use. The context of )L indicates motion
>> > towards.… Hence a
>> > translation, "and the rollable object is moved quickly to the dug out
>> > pit."
>> ___________
>> Then, Karl, in your view this NRC (of RWC) would be Niph'al Past, third
>> person singular masculine, with conversive waw attached to it?
>> Pere Porta
>> (Barcelona, Spain)
> Yes.
> Karl W. Randolph.
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