[b-hebrew] $ADAI

Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Thu Mar 27 03:24:54 EDT 2008

It is conceivable that the ending -AI as in XALON-AI, 'windows', of  
Jeremiah 22:14 is indeed a remnant of a pluralization method by a  
repeated I-I = HI)-HI). Such pluralization appears to be still in use  
in the construct form XALON-E-Y. A similar double, or even treble,  
identity marker exists also in $ADAY = $AD-HI)-)ANI, 'my breasts',  
and $AD-E-Y-NU, 'our breasts'.
The root $D of $AD-AI is a member of the root family
DD [DAD, 'breast', DOD, 'adult']
ZD [ZED, ZAD-ON, 'malice, deviation'. See Ezekiel 7:10]
YD [YAD, 'hand']
SD [SAD, 'branch, trunk, stocks'. See Job 13:27. SADYIN, 'sheet',  
SOD, 'group, company council'. See Genesis 49:6. SADE), 'field, hill?']
CD [CAD, 'side']
$D [$AD, $OD, 'breast, accumulation'. See Isaiah 60:16 and Amos 3:10]
$T [$OT, 'whip, branch', $ITAH, 'a shooty tree, Acacia?'. In spoken  
Hebrew $ITAH is 'method']
$T [$ET, 'buttocks', $TI 'yarn warp']
YTD [YATED, 'peg']
all essentially meaning 'extended, elevated, diverging, protruding'.

Isaac Fried, Boston University 

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