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1. Maybe the B)R in 2Sa 23:15 is a wrong spelling (aleph instead of waw) for 
the right BWR (waw) in 1Chr 11:17?

2. Could the reverse be possible as well? I mean: could the waw in 1Chr be a 
wrong spelling instead of the right aleph in 2Sa?

3. Is there any way, are there any means to give a sure answer to these two 

Pere Porta

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> Dear Pere,
> BWR does indeed mean "pit", but mostly with the specific meaning of
> "water-hole" or "cistern". The fact that Gen. 37:24 takes the trouble of
> informing us that the BWR into which Joseph was tossed was dry means that 
> we
> would otherwise assume that he would be in danger of drowning. However, I
> don't think that biblical Hebrew is all that rigid in its definitions. B)R
> (be'er - bet aleph resh) means "well". But if you look at 2 Sam. 23:15,
> there we have a B)R which is vocalized as "bor", as indeed it is spelled 
> in
> the parallel 1 Chr. 11:17. So was the water of Bethlehem drawn from a 
> "well"
> or from a "cistern"?
> Yigal Levin
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>> Yes, Karl, BWR is "pit" rather than "well".
>> Now, RCC means "to crush", not "to broke". But "WNRC", the word before
>> HGLGL, has often be
>> translated as "break" and not as "crush".
>> And so, KJ writes:
>> Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the
>> pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.
>> So, be so kind to excuse the mistake I made at writing about broken 
>> pieces
>> of the wheel (which pieces would fall into the pit). If I understand you
>> well, it is the whole wheel which is crushed and falls down into the pit.
>> Pere Porta
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