[b-hebrew] translation of Los Lunas ten commandments?

Ted Walther ted at reactor-core.org
Tue Mar 25 20:43:46 EDT 2008

Hello.  I heard about the Los Lunas inscription of the ten commandments.
I see that nice photographs have been put up on the web. Here they are:


I'm wondering if anyone has translated them.  How do they compare to the
real ten commandments?  Do they differ in any significant way, viz,
which commands are to be obeyed?

I just want to ask some experts, because I'd like to make a replica for
my yard.  I don't want to be replicating any curse words in ancient

The photograph at the website about looks like it is clear enough for a
paleo-hebrew expert to read.

Has anyone done or could someone do a transliteration of the letters
into modern Hebrew letters?

I did find this translation on the web.  But because of the extra words
inserted in, I'm not sure what was on the tablets, and what was
inserted.  Also, I don't know how it differs from the original Hebrew.


   The inscription has been translated by the Epigraphic Society as

   I (am) Jehovah [the Eternal] Eloah [your God] who brought you out of
   the land of Mitsrayim [Mizraim or the two Egypts] out of the house of
   bondages. You shall not have other [foreign] gods in place of (me).
   You shall not make for yourself molded (or carved) idols [graven
   images]. You shall not lift up your voice to connect the name of
   Jehovah in hate. Remember you (the) Sabbath to make it holy. Honor
   your father and your mother to make long your existence upon the land
   which Jehovah Eloah [the Eternal your God] gave to you. You shall not
   murder. You shall not commit adultery (or idolatry). You shall not
   steal (or deceive). You shall not bear witness against your neighbor,
   testimony for a bribe. You shall not covet (the) wife of your neighbor
   and all which belongs to your neighbor.



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