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>> Are they necessarily construct? Or are they verb subject object phrases?
> If they are verb subject object phrases, then this verse has all four
> phrases with the same grammatical structure.


They are necessarily construct. So I think. "Gulat" is clearly a construct 
(see the absolute in Zec 4:3). And "Hebel" is construct too. Look at the A. 
section in  www.oham.net/out/N-t/N-t081.html

Furthermore remark that the noun which comes some words after "kad" has 
article (ha-galgal)...
That is why I think that "ha-kad" would be better. And I do not intend, by 
no means, to propose a changing of the text: the text must remain as it is.
But cientific discussion is always enlightening, so I feel.


Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

>> > 2) The verb is Y$B, not $WB, it means to settle down, so the (L fits 
>> > the
>> > context of settling down upon the earth. The verb is a weqatal, not
>> > wayyiqtol, fitting the context of the next section with its yiqtol.
>> Both the dictionary I've at hand (BDB) and Oham tell this verb comes from
>> $WB, not from Y$B.
>> Look at www.oham.net/out/P-d/P-d125p.html and
>> www.oham.net/out/P-d/P-d157.html
>> as regards verbs ayin"waw
>> And then look at www.oham.net/out/P-d/P-d106.html and
>> www.oham.net/out/P-d/P-d140p.html
>> as regards verbs pe"yud.
> Take away the points, and the consonants WY$B could be from either. 
> Context
> with the following verb in the verse indicates that it is a weqatal verb.
> Context in connection with (L indicates that the root is Y$B. Context
> indicates that the points are wrong (I'm assuming it's pointed as a
> wayyiktol). (L makes perfect sense in context with Y$B.
>> > I hope these answer your questions.
>> Not yet!
>> Heartly,
>> Pere Porta
>> Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)
>> Karl W. Randolph.
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