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I think from memory there is something of a glossary/index of the 
symbols in the following:

van der Merwe, Christo H. J. 1990. The Old Hebrew Particle gam: A 
Syntactic–Semantic Description of gam in Gn–2Kg. Arbeiten zu Text und 
Sprache im Alten Testament 34. St. Ottilien: EOS Verlag.

However, I am unable to double-check this at the moment as I've lent my 
copy to a friend.

David Kummerow.

> I have been working on ancient Hebrew poetry (see Biblical Hebrew Poetry
> and Word Play - Reconstructing the Original Oral, Aural and Visual
> Experience <http://www.houseofdavid.ca/anc_heb.htm>
> http://www.houseofdavid.ca/anc_heb.htm ) and came across Wolfgang
> Richter's enormous /Biblia Hebraica transcripta/ series. The only
> problem I have had in understanding his reconstruction of the biblical
> texts is due to some of the various signs he has used and his handling
> of gemination.
> He wrote a series of books in German outlining his approach. However, at
> the beginning of his volume on Genesis he boiled it down into a few pages.
> My German is non-existent so I asked two native German speakers to
> translate the key points. One was a journalist and the other and
> academic librarian. They both said that they could not really understand
> his terminology.
> Does anyone know of an English guide to Richter's symbols and methods?
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