[b-hebrew] yorenu (Isaiah 28:26)

Gabe Eisenstein gabe at cascadeaccess.com
Sun Jun 29 20:11:45 EDT 2008

Isaiah 28:26 = /vayisro l'mishpat elohaiv yorenu/

English translations always render something like: "His God 
instructs/chastises him to judgment, and teaches him."

My question concerns deriving "teaches HIM" from  /yorenu/. I would 
think that the translation would be "he will teach US". Yet all the 
translations agree. What am I missing?

Second question: in the Socino Talmud (Sanhedrin 105a), the phrase 
/elohaiv yorenu/ by itself is translated "Let his God teach us". Here at 
least I get the expected "us". But what about the "Let ..."? Why not 
just translate "His God will teach us"? How would this difference  show 
up in Hebrew?

Gabe Eisenstein

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