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Mo'ed - Annual for Jewish Studies

The Center for Jewish Culture at Beit Berl College is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 18 (2008) of Mo'ed - Annual for Jewish Studies (New Series 6). This is the sixth volume of Mo'ed, which both continues and replaces our previous annual, Mehqere Hag - A Journal of Jewish Culture.
Mo'ed is a refereed annual devoted to all branches and periods of Jewish Studies, and welcomes original contributions in these fields in both Hebrew and English. Mo'ed publishes English abstracts of all the Hebrew articles, including review essays, and vice versa. These abstracts may be viewed at our website. 'Guidelines for Contributors" appear at the beginning of each volume of Mo'ed. Referees are chosen from among scholars, both Israeli and foreign, specializing in the fields to which the articles pertain.
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The contents of Vol. 18 are listed below.

English Section

Shlomo E. Glicksberg     The Tree as a Hazard: the Evolvement of a Halakhah     

Remy Landau               A Rapid Search for All the Day Counts in Any Hebrew Year Span


Book Reviews

Lawrence Besserman    On: Robert Alter, The Five Books of Moses: A Translation with


Athalya Brenner            On: David. E. S. Stein (ed.), The Contemporary Torah: A Gender-

                                       Sensitive Adaptation of the JPS Translation

English Abstracts


Hebrew Section

Gali Dinnur                  The Story of Cain and Abel (Gen. 4:1-16): The Supreme Value of

                                    Human Life

Yitzhak (Itzik) Peleg      Was Lot a Good Host? 

Hanan Eshel                 Forty Years of Research on the Temple Scroll (11QTemple)

Yaakov Y. Teppler        "Do not Give the Minim an Occasion to Cavil": The Temple in the Jewish-Christian Polemic during the Tannaitic Period

Yair Schlein                  Achnai's Stove as a Sort of Tragedy

Abraham O. Shemesh   "That a Person Might Use the Skins of His Father and Mother as

                                    Spreads": The Uses of Human Skin in Ancient Material Culture

Yehoshafat Nevo          Redeeming the Shekhinah and the Jewish People according to R. Ze'ev of Zhitomir

Oded Shay                    Botanical Museums and Collections in Late Ottoman Palestine: A Stratum of Zionist Activities in Modern-Day Scientific Research

Rema Manor                 The Addressor's Position in Expository Texts


Book Reviews

Victor A. Hurowitz        On: International Review of Biblical Studies, Volume 52 (2005-2006), ed. Bernhard Lang

Oded Lipschits              On: Yonina Dor, The Theme of the Foreign Women in Ezra-Nehemiah (Hebrew)

Harry Fox                     On: Shilamit Valler and Shalom Razabi, Small Talk in the Babylonian Talmud

Gad Sagiv                     On: Marcin Wodziński, Haskalah and Hasidism in the Kingdom of Poland: A History of Conflict

Shalom Carmy              On: Reuven Gerber, The Enlightenment Revolution

Michael Feige               On: Yossi Dahan and Henry Wasserman (eds.), To Invent a Nation

Eli Yassif                      On: Dan Ben-Amos (ed.), Folktales of the Jews. Vol. 1: Tales from the Sephardic Dispersion

Hebrew Abstracts


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The volume costs $20.00, plus an additional $5.00 per volume for postage and
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At this time we would like to remind subscribers that a limited number of
copies of Volumes 1-12 of Mehqere Hag and of Mo'ed 13-17 are still
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Dr. Arie Don and Dr. Jonathan D. Safren, Editors

e-mail: moed at beitberl.ac.il
website: www.beitberl.ac.il/moed


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