[b-hebrew] Speaking only for myself ...

John M. Linebarger jmlineb at comcast.net
Wed Jun 25 15:16:34 EDT 2008

I am a lurker on b-hebrew but more active on b-greek, and I am struck by the difference between the two groups.  There is much more controversy on b-hebrew, which is not necessarily positive or interesting.  The most recent exchange between Isaac Fried and David Kummerow is a case in point.

Quite frankly, speaking only for myself, what I find tedious is Isaac's persistent refusal either to study linguistics or to accept its results as being normative for that discipline.  Isaac appears to wish that lingistics was much more like mathematics, but it is not.  So he appears to fight it instead of accepting it and working within it.  As a result, what he puts forward often appears to be gibberish to the linguistics community.  If the goal is to change the field of linguistics, a prerequisite would appear to be both an understanding of it and a willingness to use its medium of discourse to communicate the need for change.

My humble request is that  unprofitable exchanges like this latest one either be minimized or eliminated in future.  A ground rule for posting would appear to be a willingness to express oneself in commonly accepted terms of discourse in the linguistic community.  Failure to do that is simply a conscious choice not to be understood, which dooms the communication to be ineffective at the start.

John M. Linebarger
PhD Computer Science (so Hebrew and linguistics are avocations, not vocations)
Albuquerque, NM

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