[b-hebrew] Transliterations from Hebrew to Greek to ? and theMassoretes

Vadim Cherny him at vadimcherny.org
Thu Jun 19 13:50:41 EDT 2008

Why would barasit signify segholization rather than a peculiar [br] 
environment which calls for vowel interpolation?
Why would segholization be related vowel shortening? The vowels didn't 
become shorter from ancient calbi to segholate cAlab-calb-celev.

Vadim Cherny

Kevin P. Edgecomb wrote:
> Yitzhak wrote:
>> Why do you think this list signifies segholization?
> I write:
> I don't think it does.  But in comparison with the transliteration 
> scheme of Origen: barasith versus brisith or birsith (note that 
> Epiphanius will have been working with an eta already itacized), we're 
> clearly dealing with the same process of the shortening/sharpening of 
> vowels in the two centuries since Origen's time that segholization is 
> likewise a symptom of.
> Regards,
> Kevin P. Edgecomb
> Berkeley, California

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