[b-hebrew] Transliterations from Hebrew to Greek to ? and theMassoretes

Kevin P. Edgecomb kevin at bombaxo.com
Wed Jun 18 17:33:43 EDT 2008

I thought that looked familiar....

Rev Williams, could you perhaps specify your objections?  It's quite  
apparent in transliterations found in Jerome's works passim, most of  
which were written in Judea in the late fourth and early fifth  
centuries, that this segholization was in process there and then.   
Added to this is the earlier evidence of transliterations in the Greek  
versions (LXX/OG, etc) where we find for instance, Samson, not  
Shimshon, etc.  And later, we have the Masoretic system fully  
developed.  Things changed over the centuries, and while the specific  
dates may be hazy, the progress is clear.  As the transliterations in  
the two lists which I presented (from Codex Hierosolymitanus and  
Epiphanius) are obviously closer to the latter pronunciation than the  
earlier, as are Jerome's, these should be appropriately placed along  
that continuum of development right where I placed them, when   
Epiphanius and Jerome were both known to have worked, in the late  
fourth and early fifth centuries.

Kevin P. Edgecomb
Berkeley, California

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