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It is apparently a font or encoding issue, possibly resulting from  
the fact that I use a Mac. Yitzhak and Vadim get the Hebrew right,  
I looked up Minxat Shai at www.hebrewbooks.org but it does not list  
the other places. I think I know of two other instances: Exodus  
12:15, where S)OR is with an S dgusha, and Psalms 17:10, where SAGRU  
is with an S dgusha as well.
The book is scanned from an 1814 edition written in "Rashi" script,  
which is inconvenient to read. Do you know of a later edition,  
possibly available on-line, and set is square letters?
My point is that the dagesh and nikud are separate systems, the union  
of which may be confusing. I suggest therefore [possibly not at the  
right place and utterly Quixotic, as some people believe that the  
dagesh was handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai] that the Hebrew  
Academy in Jerusalem banish the dagesh completely and for good  
[except in BK"P] from pointed secular writing. After all, what is the  
purpose of the dagesh in the M of (AMI, 'my people'? Those who  
pretend to read it (AM-MI, speak Hebrew in their heart not their  
mouth and would have read it equally with as without the inner dot.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Jun 14, 2008, at 2:20 PM, Yaakov Stein wrote:

>> Here are two instances of a dagesh having apparently the sole purpose
> of marking the first letter of a word; specifically,
>> to warn against the moving of an U from the end of a word to the
> beginning of the next.
>> 1. ?????? ?????? ???????? ??????, Exodus 12:31, to prevent the  
>> reading
>> 2. ?????? ?????? ????????? ???-????? ???????, Deuteronomy 2:24, to
> prevent the reading QUM US(U.
> Isaac
> First, every time you embed Hebrew I get question marks.
> Second, if you already mention QUMU C)U in Exodus,
> you shouldn't forget the exact same expression in Genesis 19:14.
> On this expression MINHAT SHAI remarks that there are 5 similar
> dageshes after ) H W Y.
> Yaakov (J) Stein
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