[b-hebrew] Vowel points - earliest history

Yitzhak Sapir yitzhaksapir at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 17:26:29 EDT 2008

On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 9:08 PM, Charles Grebe wrote:
> Sorry. I mean the graphical vowel point system to represent the
> vocalization. When did they start writing these points (other than the mater
> letters), who first started to write these, where was this first done, etc.
> Charles Grebe
> Briercrest College and Seminary

I would suggest you read the section in Emanuel Tov's "Textual Criticism of the
Hebrew Bible" (2nd revised edition; Minneapolis, MI.: Augsburg Fortress, 2001).
He suggests (in the Hebrew first edition) that these were originally formed in
the years 500-700 CE.  Four (perhaps five) different systems are known: the
Tiberian, the Eretz-Israel/Palestinian, the Babylonian, and the Samaritan.  It
appears that all communities using some form of the Bible incorporated these
marks after they were innovated, to different degrees.

Yitzhak Sapir

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