[b-hebrew] About Dagesh's

Vadim Cherny him at vadimcherny.org
Sat Jun 14 13:33:25 EDT 2008

That's a legitimate use, if we accept that word-initial dagesh always 
serves to prevent concatenation.

Vadim Cherny

Isaac Fried wrote:
> Here are two instances of a dagesh having apparently the sole purpose 
> of marking the first letter of a word; specifically, to warn against 
> the moving of an U from the end of a word to the beginning of the next.
> 1. קוּמוּ צְּאוּ מִתּוֹךְ עַמִּי, Exodus 12:31, to prevent the reading QUM UC)U.
> 2. קוּמוּ סְּעוּ וְעִבְרוּ אֶת-נַחַל אַרְנֹן, Deuteronomy 2:24, to prevent the 
> reading QUM US(U.
> Isaac Fried, Boston University

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