[b-hebrew] "th" and "b"

Yakov Hadash yakov.hadash at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 10:54:49 EDT 2008

Hi everyone. Sorry if this question has been discussed many times or  
if everyone already knows the answer already but this is something  
I've been wondering about for YEARS and I think you guys probably  
know the answer...

Two transliteration things I see a lot are:
-Taf without a dagesh transliterated as "TH" as in "B'nai BriTH,"  
"Temple BeTH Shalom" - I see this most often in names of older Jewish  
-Bet without a dagesh transliterated as "B" as in "JacoB" (for my  
name) - I see this a lot in "scholarly" and non-Jewish contexts

I've spent my whole life going to synagogues around the world as well  
as speaking Modern Hebrew and I've never encountered anyone who  
actually pronounces Hebrew this way ("...mekadesh eTH haShabbat?"  
"Haaretz hayita tohu vaBohu?) so where does this transliteration come  
from? Is there someone, somewhere, who actually would say "tohu  
vabohu" or lisp his soft tafs?

Yakov Hadash.

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