[b-hebrew] Psalm 8:6(5) and vav-consecutive

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Another strong argument in favor of the cited verse referring to creation  
rather than "the fall" is that God is said to crown mankind with "glory and  
honor." If the intended reference were to "the fall", we should expect  
"abasement and dishonor" instead.
Ted Brownstein
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I have 3 questions about Psalm 8:6 (v5 in English)

And You caused  him [man] to lack a little from gods and crowned him with
glory and  honor...

2.  Does Ps 8:6 refer to God's creation of man in Gen 1:26-28 or to  God's
causing man to suffer death in Gen 3:19 & 2:16-17? 

a.  Arguments in favor of Ps 8:6 referring to Gen 1:26-28 : 

i. Psalm 8:7-9  (6-8 English) clearly refer to God subjecting all things on
earth to man in  Gen 1:28. Since Psalm 8:7-9 follows v6, then what happened
in v6 should  come before God's subjecting all things under man in vv 7-9.
This matches  the sequence in Gen 1:26-28, where God created man in Gen
1:26-27 and  subjected all things on earth to him in v28.

ii. Would suffering death  be just a "little" lack? It seems to be a big


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