[b-hebrew] Vision of Gabriel : David and Jerusalem

Vadym Zhuravlov baskrima at km.ru
Tue Jul 15 04:26:19 EDT 2008

Comparing Great Isaiah Scroll and the text of "Vision of Gabriel" one can get the following observations.
1. David is spelled as DWD in "stone" text (lines 16 and 72), and excusively as DWYD in the scroll.
2. In the text of "Vision of Gabriel" Jerusalem is spelled YRWSLM (6 times), while in the 1QIsa-a  both spellings  YRWSLYM and YRWSLYM are used alternately.
In both cases the "stone" orthography is more ancient than one of the scroll. On the other hand, as we already mentioned, stone text uses clear indications of post-biblical language, like ending -YN instead of -YM and preposition S- instead of ASR. This brings me the the question - is there a contradiction between the language of the text and its orthography?

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Vadym Zhuravlov

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