[b-hebrew] **** Update of the Unicode/XML Westminister Leningrad Codex to Version 4.10 ****

Christopher Kimball transcriber at tanach.us
Sat Jul 12 18:20:41 EDT 2008

The Hebrew text has been updated to version 4.10 of the Westminster 
Leningrad Codex issued 1 July 2008.  The new version has changes in 2 
vowels, 1 accent,  and 212 morphological divisions.   The XML date for 
this version is 19 Jul 2008.  To see the new version you may need to 
clear your browser's cache (Tools -> Clear Private Data -> Cache on 
Firefox 3.0) .

Minor additional changes have been made:

1.   A "Hide details" link on the home page provides a much-abbreviated 
view.  In the abbreviated view a "Show details" link returns to the full 

2.  An applet, MC2U.html, for conversion of Michigan-Claremont coded 
text to Unicode is available from the Supplements page. The applet 
requires the free Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  It's also available 
as an off line application as MC2U.jar.

3.  Previous versions of the site, except for the most recent previous 
version, are now kept at another site:


where storage is less expensive.

Please let me know if you experience difficulties.

Chris Kimball
West Redding, CT, USA

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