[b-hebrew] Vision of Gabriel

Vadym Zhuravlov baskrima at km.ru
Fri Jul 11 03:51:40 EDT 2008


> My first reaction is that this is post Biblical Hebrew, if Hebrew at all,
> hence not germane to this group.

Yes, this is true, but I do not know any "post-b-hebrew" group, this is why I post the question here.

> it is important is because how it impacts the understanding of Christianity

I am not interesting in this topic. My question was about the following:
1. what is the language of the insrcription, how far it is from the biblical hebrew and is there any text with similar language?
2. the orthography of the text (in particular, usage of matres lectionis), again, how close it is to the orthography of MT and do we know any text with similar orthography?

Best regards,
Vadym Zhuravlov

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