[b-hebrew] Vision of Gabriel

Bryan Cox b_coxus at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 10:34:50 EDT 2008

Sorry if this is too far off-topic for Biblical Hebrew.  It is difficult to know exactly what the limits on "Biblical Hebrew" are, especially when a text like "Gabriel's Vision" appears to have allusions to the Hebrew Bible.
Anyway, here are some excellent links to resources that I've collected over the past few days since it hit the news.  At least a couple of links are courtesy of Yitzhak Sapir from another list (Thanks to him for the links and for his answer to my recent questions about the text!).
Drawing and Transcription
Detailed report with images, transcriptions, palaeographical discussions and more:
Ada Yardeni's English translation
Ada Yardeni's transcription
Israel Knohl's *reconstructed* translation with explanationsftp://
Bryan Cox


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