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On 7/9/08, Vadym Zhuravlov <baskrima at km.ru> wrote:
> Dear b-hebrewers,
> What is your opinions concerning so-called "Vision of Gabriel"?
> http://www.bib-arch.org/news/dss-in-stone-news.asp
> Could it be a fake?
> I am interesting in the analysis of the language of the composition as well
> as its orthography, in particular, are both
> orthograpgy and the language correspond to the shape and form of the
> letters of the text?
> Best regards,
> Vadym Zhuravlov
> My first reaction is that this is post Biblical Hebrew, if Hebrew at all,
hence not germane to this group.

Secondly, without having seen the stone in question, nor even a high
resolution image of same, we are taking a kirkegaardian leap of faith that
Professor Knohl has accurately translated it and another leap of faith that
the media have accurately reported about it.

For purposes of discussion, let's make that leap of faith and assume that
the reports are accurate, the reports are claiming that the reason it is
important is because how it impacts the understanding of Christianity. Does
it really?

According to the New Testament, its claim is that it is the true heir to
Moses and the Prophets; that it was the Talmudic Jews who went astray.
Further, its claim that the teaching that Messiah would die, then resurrect,
is found in Moses and the Prophets (including Writings). If the New
Testament's claim is true, then scholars who studied Tanakh should also find
the same message as stated in the New Testament. Hence finding a Jewish
message predating the New Testament claiming that Messiah would die, then
resurrect in three days, does not contradict the New Testament teaching. So
what's all the fuss about?

There are a lot of "if"s in the above few paragraphs.

Karl W. Randolph.

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