[b-hebrew] yamim or yamin?

Bryan Cox b_coxus at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 09:16:56 EDT 2008

A 'newly discovered' ancient text nicknamed 'Gabriel's Vision' or 'Gabriel's Revelation' is currently grabbing headlines.  Its controversial nature lies in the phrase l'shloshet yamin, or 'in three days'.
My question is about the 'nun'.  Searching the text of the Hebrew Bible, I only ever find 'yamim' (ending in a 'mem').  Where does the word 'days' end in a 'nun' as in 'yamin'?
Aramaic has a 'yamin', ending in 'nun', but if the 'new' text is written in Aramaic, I would expect the 'three' to also be written in Aramaic as 'thalatha' (or somewhat similar transliteration).
My suspicion is that during the time period in question, 1st century BCE, 'mem' and 'nun' were often interchanged in texts, at least I believe I may have read something along these lines about the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Is this suspicion correct, or could 'yamin' actually be the word 'right' or is there something odd here?
Thanks much for any clarification!
Bryan Cox


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