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Kevin Riley klriley at alphalink.com.au
Wed Jul 2 00:09:14 EDT 2008

Caution can at times be a case of unwillingness to be bold, but it may also
be a sign of wisdom in not rushing in without understanding.  I am always
very wary of anyone who tells me that something many others have found
difficult is in fact easy.  It is usually those who see no difficulty who
are in fact having trouble seeing clearly.
Kevin Riley
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From: Isaac Fried 
Date: 2/07/2008 1:58:02 PM 
Their treatment of the shwa and the piel shows Jouon and Muraoka to 
Be more then just blind herders of sacred cows, yet their book 
Occasionally lacks decisiveness and certainty, possibly due to lack 
Of some basic understanding and possibly due to their inability, or 
Unwillingness, to boldly separate the grain from the chaff. 
Their statement on page 154 to the effect that " ... The question how 
The function of Piel in relation to other conjugations, notably Qal 
Should be defined still remains one of the major challenges facing 
Hebrew and Semitic linguistics" testifies to sloppy language or 
Faulty thinking. The crucial word DEFINE is certainly wrong here. How 
Do they even know that a "relationship" needs to exist between the 
"function" of the qal and that of the piel? 
The fact that they nonchalantly swallow, on page 172f, this toad of 
"energic" nun is also a clear indication that something critical yet 
Simple about the Hebrew language escapes them. 
Isaac Fried, Boston University 

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