[b-hebrew] The Name "Chedorlaomer" in Hebrew and Ugaritic

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Poebel suggested back in 1944 that the Hebrew Shinar was possibly the Sumerian $ingi-uri, "Sumer and Akkad", which the Sumerians used to describe the entirety of Mesopotemia.

Eric Forster

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*I could live with the hypothesis that $IN(AR of Genesis 14:1 is no  
*other than $NIR of Deuteronomy 3:9, with $NIR being a corruption of  
*$EN-HAR, or $EN-HI)-HAR, 'mountain-tooth'. This $IN is also possibly  
*the same as the SIN in mount SINAI and the ZIN in mount ZION.
*Isaac Fried, Boston University

*On Jan 30, 2008, at 11:01 AM, JimStinehart at aol.com wrote:
*> Genesis 14: 1
*> “[the iniquitous Amorite princeling ruler of Amurru, appropriately  
*> nicknamed]
*> Amraphel king of Shinar [that is, the Amorite princeling ruler  
*> whose domain
*> was dominated by Mount Shinar/Senir/Hermon/Lebanon], [the 
*> princeling
*> ruler nicknamed] Arioch[, who had been re-educated by the Hittites  
*> in the
*> Hittite heartland of] Ellasar[/Alisar],…and [the mighty Hittite  
*> king nicknamed]
*> Tidal[/Tudhaliya, who truly was a] king of nations”.
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