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Karl, we can do without these comments. Please be more circumspect
more often.

And can I remind members who reply to digests to change the subject
line so as to reflect in some way what they are discussing.


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Dear Kevin:
This response is what makes discussions sometimes most interesting.
response was almost opposite of my intent.

Had those people who founded DH lived in the U.S., they most likely
not have been members of any church at all, but would have been
for the pagans they were. At that time, churches in the U.S. were for
most part independent of the government and membership was voluntary.

However, they lived in Europe where in most countries it was almost
impossible to get a university position or often any other work
having to belong to a state church, and so they were nominal
Christians to
get the benefits that accrued from that membership.

This was not intended to comment on the majority of the people at that
who attended state churches.

Karl W. Randolph.

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