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Kevin Riley klriley at alphalink.com.au
Wed Jan 30 17:19:22 EST 2008

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From: K Randolph 
Date: 31/01/2008 4:27:47 AM 
Those who developed DH were not real Christians, but members of the state
churches, therefore nominal Christians. 
Is this not painting with a very broad brush?  I doubt the assumption that
all members of state churches are "nominal Christians" would stand up to
scrutiny.  Just how would you identify a "real Christian"?  I am not
convinced that the "genuineness" of a person's religious claims really has
anything to do with their ability to formulate a workable hypothesis on the
Hebrew text and its history.  So, apart perhaps from the chance to insult a
large number [in fact, the majority] of Christians, what is the purpose of
your argument?
Kevin Riley

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