[b-hebrew] Genesis 21:14 "her shoulder yoke"

Reinhard G. Lehmann lehmann at uni-mainz.de
Wed Jan 30 05:35:57 EST 2008

> I know that no one will agree with this next idea, but just for fun I think it is interesting that the words "Hagar" and"there" could be combined into "their being driven out" (niphal infinitive?) in Genesis 21:14.
> It could say "and he (Abraham) gave to their being driven out her shoulder yoke and the boy's spade (alef tav)." So he could have given her food, water, a shoulder yoke, and her son's spade. I know people don't like to regroup the letters, but in this case it is interesting that the recombined letters fit the situation a little bit.
> Kenneth Greifer
Not so bad idea at all. Verse 14 is an old crux interpretum in object 
matter an dsyntax.
You betcha there is someone in the old commentaries (late 19th / early 
20th) who already tried this. I am anxious to learn who it was.

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