[b-hebrew] That piece of halibut was good enough for YHWH

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Fri Jan 25 05:05:02 EST 2008

  My friends and I were discussing how we would translate a famous line from 
Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' into biblical Hebrew.
  The line was:
  'All I said was, "That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah."'

  1 The "all I said was" doesn't seem to have an obvious equivalent in 
Hebrew, so we played around a bit, and came up with something broadly 
comparable. Is there something closer to the English idiom?


I do not know if there is in biblical Hebrew something closer. But in Gen 
20:11 there is "amarty raq"

  3 We're also not sure whether to say "piece of halibut', or just 

  But this is our first run at it:

  Please let me know how it should be changed!

My five previous questions are:

1. Why to use DBR and not )MR?
2. Why to use L'... KI 'M and not RQ?
3. Is L'MR the word that appears in Rt 2:15?
4. Why do you use the demonstrative in masculine? Should HHW' not be in the 
feminine: HHY', because the noun to which it refers is feminine?
5. For YCLX you mean the word that appears in Am 5:6?

If you answer to this 5 points, perhaps --I'm not sure!--  I can suggest you 
a bible-style sentence.

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) 

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