[b-hebrew] Deut. 22:22-29

Bill Rea bsr15 at cantsl.it.canterbury.ac.nz
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Karl wrote:-

>I do not consider a difference in governmental structure to signal a
>difference in morality.

Now you've defined all the evidence we have to be inadmissable. What we
have is law codes which we can compare. In reality law, in this area,
flows from people's moral values. So your question of whether morals have
changed over time is unanswerable if we accept your view. So your view is
not only unsupported, its unsupportable. This is so typical of you, you
get evidence you don't like so with a dismissive wave of your electronic
hand you dismiss the evidence. Why ask a question and put people through
the effort of marshalling evidence and making reasoned arguments when you
a priori know that nothing's going to change your mind anyway?

>A final issue is to look at the actual treatment of rape where there is
>no question that it was rape, and there the sentence is always death.
>That death is not the sentence here indicates that here the verse refers
>to seduction, not rape.

Even if I accept this rather weak line of argument, which I don't, the
case is that our moral values have changed. Provided the unmarried young
woman in question is over 16, having sex with her is not crime in legal
terms and its not an immoral act to most people today. To give you an
actual example, one of our members of parliment, i.e. a law maker, who was
a solo mother was reported in an interview to have bought her daughter a
double bed on her 16th brithday so her daughter could bring her lovers
home and have a warm and comfortable place to have sex with them.
There's no indication that the mother viewed consenual sex with her
unmarried daughter as either crime or immoral act.

I don't see why you're fighting the obvious. I thought it was a staple
of Sunday morning sermons in conservative Christian churches to lament
the moral decay of the present age.

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