[b-hebrew] Modern v. Biblical Hebrew

joel at exc.com joel at exc.com
Wed Jan 23 09:12:07 EST 2008

>I'm looking for a summary of the main differences between Modern and
>Biblical Hebrew.  Could someone either refer me to a link if such a
>thing already exists or reply here with a few bullet point items
>outlining the basic differences?

I just got back from teaching (in AK, as it happens --- Anchorage in
the winter is certainly interesting).  You've probably received lots
of helpful responses, but in light of some poor answers here on the
list, I'll refer you to my NYU publication which covers much of this,
to Saenz-Badillos' volume, which covers Biblical Hebrew with more
depth (though sometimes less accuracy) but which doesn't have as much
on Modern Hebrew, and to Glinert's work which does a better job than
any other of describing Modern Hebrew as it really is.  Links to all
of these are on my reading-list page:


Click on "Hebrew" on the left.


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