[b-hebrew] Septuagint vs. Masoretes/75 vs. 70: How Many HebrewsDid Jacob Lead into Egypt?

Ken Penner ken.penner at acadiau.ca
Mon Jan 21 10:19:31 EST 2008

Perhaps you are looking for Brill's Biblia Qumranica?
It can be previewed at http://widgets.eb20.com/jr/shell.asp?IID=280493&siteid=0&uuid=9865158
It is not cheap.
A relatively affordable electronic edition is available at http://www.accordancebible.com/modules/details.php?ID=543

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> Does anyone know of source for bilblical texts from Qumran?
> So far I could only find transliterations of non biblical Qumran
> texts (I've got "The Dead Sea Scrolls" from Martnez and Tigchelaar).
> They mention in their foreword that Eugine Ulrich was going to
> publish "The Qumran Bible" with transcibed and translated texts, but
> I couldn't find it yet. I'm looking for something cheaper than DJD.
> Jan Hagen

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