[b-hebrew] The Name "Joseph"

Jan Hagen jan.hagen at gmx.de
Fri Jan 18 18:11:15 EST 2008

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008 10:38:33 EST
JimStinehart at aol.com wrote:

> Jan Hagen:
> You wrote:  “Why don't you read YSP as participle, which it is, and read v24 
> as a nominal wish sentence?  Rachel wishes another son after Joseph, and not 
> him being another son.”
> On your theory of the case, then, the name “Joseph” would mean:  “I hope I 
> have another son later, in addition to this son”.
> That would not be a grand name for Rachel’s firstborn son.  Why wouldn’t 
> Rachel’s thoughts at this point, after being barren for almost 7 years, be on her 
> infant son whom she has just now borne?  Why would Rachel give her newborn 
> infant a name that means that Rachel hopes to bear another son later?
Maybe she hoped that her berreness had ended now. Why would a great sounding
name further Josephs futur. If indeed this was her thought it proved not that
helpful, as you mentioned. Jacob loved Rachel and I guess that's the reason he
Joseph was his favourite son and not because his well chosen name. The birth of
a son.
But getting back to the Hebrew text to get the grammar analysed before the
 interpretation. For me the sentence Rachel is saying
 יסף יהוה לי בן אחר 
looks like a nounclause ( the way it is vocalized be the Masoretes). Do you, Jim
and the others, agree?
If so I'ld translate it as "YHWH is adding (for) me another son". 
I'm not yet that experienced with the grammar, so please bear with me taking
small steps.

Jan Hagen

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