[b-hebrew] xrm and the Canaanites' VIP treatment

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*I gave you an example. Read it. Its offensive to most modern people. 
*woman gets raped and the rapist has to marry her with no chance of
*divorce. Who's that punishment for? Here if you did what's in those 
*you could been facing time in the slammer if your lawyer doesn't 
*and slander the victim sufficiently well to convince the jury she was a
*slut. I doubt you could even find on New Zealand's statute books a law
*which forbids a man to seduce a married woman. Morally its still 
*but not legally. The laws in the Torah aren't there to look pretty. They
*were living law codes which were actually used. 

It is safe to say that the concepts of rape and adultery have evolved quite a bit since the Torah was written.  Our present-day notions of what adultery is would probably look quaint or totally out of touch to the Israelites, and well they should.

Eric Forster

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